Julie’s World of Flowers

Fullscreen capture 19052015 083402-001When Julie isn’t solving murders, she runs a small floristry business.  Her motto is keep it simple and cheap, and she has her own blog with tips and instructions for making some of her arrangements.

Here is the latest from juliesworldofflowers.wordpress.com

Two Turtle Doves in a Holly Tree

Julie likes inventing different arrangements.  When she last went to the hospital for her cancer treatment, she bought some items from the hospital shop, including a couple of decorative doves.

She then decided to cut a block of floral foam into a tree shape with a little left on the bottom to fix into a small pot, securing it with a frog and some tape.  It didn’t matter that the shape she cut wasn’t exactly even because she knew that she could adjust the greenery to improve it, but the picture below gives the general idea.

Fullscreen capture 16122014 201501

Julie soaked the foam thoroughly and also made sure that there was water in the bottom of the pots to weight the decoration.

Note that the depth of the square should equal the depth of the container.

Then Julie cut up some floral wire and bent the bits to make two pronged hoops.  She used these to secure moss to the tree.

She then covered the moss with sprigs of holly and inserted little wired baubles.

She finished the decoration off by adding a festive ribbon and a dove.

Julie made two trees with doves, partly because there are two turtle doves in the Twelve Days of Christmas carol, and partly because her dining room table is quite long, so there is one arrangement for each end.

Here they are together.

small tree and turtle doves 007

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