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For as long as I can remember, there were two things I always wanted to do: own ponies and write books.

The ponies came first, but for the last few years I have also been lucky enough to concentrate on the latter, and to date I have written three murder mysteries with a fourth one due to be published late 2014/early 2015.

My murder mysteries all feature my housewife detective, Julie, who, in many respects (though not all) is like me, and they also map the progression in her life through the ups and downs, and, more, recently, some of her successes.

The Art of Killing

The Silence of Killing

No Accounting for Death

One of the things Julie has in common with me is that she is a breast cancer patient, and a donation from all sales of the first two books goes to Breast Cancer Care, a charity dedicated to helping women with breast cancer.  There is a clear statement to this effect inside both books.

So what else can I say?

Well, I live in London with my husband, teenage daughter, two furry cats, and one not so furry rescue kitten.  I am the proud owner of two very ordinary and beautiful ponies, and ride out regularly with my daughter.  One of our ponies is quite a character, so I have also written two books about him, although he claims to have penned them himself:

Pony Tricks

Pony Dances

When I’m not writing or out riding, I enjoy dabbling in soft furnishings and music, and I am a rather timid alto in my husband’s choir, which will help explain the dedication in my second book.

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